User Management

While most distributors will fill in the Enrollment Form, this will require successful collection of payment for an enrollment to be processed and a distributor to be created with the exception of the Administrative area.

Administrators have the option to either collect money for the enrollment or bypass the collection of payment altogether. Regardless of a distributor's enrollment process or whether or not payment was collected, all distributors can be viewed via the User Management area by administrators.


How to get there?


1. Log in as an admin on the website

2. Go to the admin menu Users> User Mgmt


What to see?


1. Search Field= This will allow admins to search for a specific user in your system by typing their name. You can also use the Advanced Search option as this will give you more filter option that you can use in searching a particular account.

2. Role Filter Tab= This will allow admin to filter the list based on the roles selected. When you go to the page, it will display all of the existing accounts in the system. When you select " Distributor", this will filter the list and will only display the Distributors on the website.

3. Add Button= This will allow admin to enroll Customers, Distributors and Users on the system without going through the normal process of Enrollment. Furthermore, this also allows Admins to bypass the payment during Distributor Enrollment in cases wherein the distributor will have to purchase an Enrollment option product in order to complete enrollment.


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Hover your mouse over Add to Add Admin Users,Customers,Distributors, and Vendors:

Clicking on a user's name displays a variety of different tabs:

Hovering over a user's name displays a variety of different actions: