Site Settings

Site settings allow you to control the layout of the site.  Set your base currency, default language, default logout page, as well as many other objects. Site Settings take the guess work out of setting up your site, and make an otherwise complicated ordeal, an easy accomplishment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Examine the options available to customize in Site Profile
  • Understand how User Signup Rules can be utilized 
  • Learn how to integrate an email relay provider

Site Settings: Click Here

Site Profile Tab

Social Media Integration

  • Twitter Consumer Key
  • Twitter Consumer Secret
  • Facebook App ID* Click Here
  • Facebook App Secret* Click Here

Language and Currency Overrides

  • Display Culture drop down* Click Here
  • Display Currency Drop Down* Click Here
  • Default Date Culture* Click Here
  • Remove Dynamic Localization* Click Here
  • Display Distributor Support Menu* Click Here
  • Embed PageSkin CSS
  • Embed Rad Tabstrip CSS
  • Embed Module Skin CSS
  • Embed Rad Menu Skin CSS

User Signup Rules Tab


CAPTCHA Settings

Shipping Address Setting

  • Always ship to the same address

E-Mail Settings Tab