If your company has one product or hundreds of products, MarketPowerPro allows you to enter your products, associate them with categories or groups and set the pricing as well as the commission to be applied for each.

Additionally you can search for and edit existing products, identify which products are taxable, upload images — more than one for each product — and choose which products are available to customers, distributors and for autoship.

Learning Objectives

  • Set up sku for products to be available in the shopping cart
  • learn how permissions so that multiple users can view different information if needed
  • understand how autoship is configured in the sku
  • understand how commissions are used in the sku
  • learn how skus are configured for kits

Watch the Recorded Webinar on Single SKU Purchase for More Information: Click Here

Watch the Recorded Webinar Associated SKU for More Information: Click Here

Deleting a SKU: Click Here 

SKU Information

Commission Values

Other Settings

  • Do not allow line item to be deleted
  • back office fee product: Click Here
  • Display in Shop*: Click Here __
  • Display as part of enrollment options*: Click Here
  • Is MyBuildKU
  • Enable TT
  • Is Renewal: Click Here
  • Don't Allow Item Quantity Change*: Click Here
  • Is KnoMii
  • Show on Single SKU Purchase*: Click Here
  • Display in Quickshop*: Click Here
  • Binary Activated
    • Good to know: after checking the box for Binary Activated go to Product>product managment>product to watch a video on how to set the flag in the product side.
  • Do not Allow Line Item to be Edited
  • Avs Associated SKU
  • Repurchase Product
  • Diplay in Upgrade Module
  • Is Jump Start Bonus SKU*: Click Here
  • Is Points Accumulation Bonus SKU
  • Multi-Tier FSB
  • Is Discountable
  • Is CAB Subscription SKU

SKU Filter Options

Cart Settings

Scheduling Information



  • Packaging Tab Menu on Product SKU Section*: Click Here

Additional Information


  • Making a product available for autoship: Click Here
  • Force Autoship: Click Here
  • Set as Available for Autoship Admin Set: Click Here
  • Set as available for Autoship User Set: Click Here
    • Good to know:  User set autoships can not be used as an associtated autoship
  • User Set Autoship Example: Click Here


 * Associated SKU for Autoship: Click Here