Products can range from an enrollment annual fee to a large screen TV. The software allows anything to be entered.
If your company has one product or hundreds of products, MarketPowerPro allows you to enter your products, associate them with categories or groups and set the pricing as well as the commission to be applied for each.

Additionally you can search for and edit existing products, identify which products are taxable, upload images — more than one for each product — and choose which products are available to customers, distributors and for autoship.

Learning Objectives

  • Create a product that is visible in the shopping cart and the enrollment process
  • Examine all of the information that can applied to the product
  • Understanding permissions and how they pertain to the product
  • Adding images to the product
  • Setting up a product to be available for autoship
  • Understand how to create a kit
  • Examine all of the actions that can be accomplished using WYSIWUG editor

Good to know:  Adding a product is always done in three steps: category,product, and SKU.

To find additional training videos on SKU's go to: Click Here. 

To find additional training videos on Categories got to: Click Here

Where do I start?  The training videos below show the many different options that can be customized to fit your company needs.  The first set of video's is of a basic product set up from beginning to end.

Basic Product Set Up from beginning to end

Creating a Product

Default Settings

  • Display In Shop*: Click Here
  • Available for Autoship*: Click Here:
    • Good to Know:  At this time, two options are available for autoship:
    • Option One siging up for the autoship*: Click Here
    • Option Two associating the autoship*: Click Here
  • Display As Part Of Enrollment Option*: Click Here
  • No Shipping Involved*: Click Here

Additional Settings

KIT Settings

  • Product is available kit*: Click Here:
  • Create as Kit: Click Here
  • Deduct Primary Product SKU From Inventory*: Click Here
  • Deduct Included SKU's from inventory*: Click Here
  • Shipping Kit Option: Click Here
  • Shipping products in a Kit Option: Click Here
  • P&H Calculation Settings SKU: Click Here
  • P&H Calculation Settings Included SKUs: Click Here
    • Good to know: to see the complete process of creating a kit, scroll to the bottom and look under Examples of MarketPowerPro Software.

 SKU's Tab

  • Understanding of what is displayed in the SKU's tab of a product
  • SKU's Tab: Click Here
    • Good to know: To see more information and examples of SKU's go to Admin>Products>Product Management> SKUs.



Additional Information

  • Additional Information/Custom Attributes: Click Here


Related Products

Product Tabs

What you see is what you get editor (WYSIWYG)


XHTML ValidatorTrack Changes: Click HereFormat Code Block
*IInsertSymbol*: Click HereFormat Stripper 
 *Insert Button*: Click Here 
Insert HiddenInsert Password 
  strip all formatting: Click Here
strip CSS formatting: Click Herestrip font elements: Click HereStrip Span Elements
strip word formatting: Click Here*Mail Merge: Click Here


Second Row (WYSIWYG)

Spell Checker: Click Here*Image Manager*: Click HereFlash Manager
Media Manager*Document Manager*: Click HereDBImage Manager
DBFlash ManagerDBMedia ManagerDBDocument Manager
Silverlight ManagerFlash ManagerTemplate Manager
* Inserting a table: Click HereMerge Table Cells: Click Here Split/Delete: Click Here
Cell Properties: Click Here Table Properties: Click Here


Third Row (WYSIWYG)

Cut/alignment: Click HereCopyPaste
Paste from Word: Click HerePrint Find and Replace: Click Here
Select All*: Click HereInsert Groupbox: Click HereNew Paragraph
Horizontal RuleInsert Code SnippetDate/Time*: Click Here
About RadEditorBold/Itali:/Underline/Strike Through* Click Here/Super Script/Subscript
Convert to lower case/upper caseIndent/outdentNumbered/Bullet List: Click Here
Set Absolute Position* Hyperlink Manager: Click HereShow/Hide Border
Toggle Full Screen Mode: Click Here  

Fourth Row (WYSIWYG)

Foreground/Background Color*: Click HereFont Name: Click Here
Size: Click Hereclasses*: Click Here Links*: Click Here
StyleZoom: Click Here


Examples of product uses for your MarketPowerPRO software

* Creating a product for autoship: Click Here* Product Offers: Click Here* Products, SKU's, Enrollment Options, Autoship, Associated SKU's: Click Here
* Creating Kits: Click Here*adding an additional product image: Click Here