Product SKU Custom Attributes

One of the benefits of the MarketPowerPro software is the ability to mold the software to your companies needs. Custom Attributes allow the shopper to pick and choose options from company inventory, and place in there shoppng cart, making purchasing products like clothing a smooth transaction, but don't be fooled,  custom attributes are for more than just clothing.  Custom attributes can be used for a multitude of differnt products.  The only question left is, how  should you use them to market your product?

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to manage custom attributes
  • Learn how custom attributes can be used for individual products
  • Understand how to make custom attributes available for all products to use if needed
  • Examine how to add images to custom attributes

Where do I start?  Listed below are different options that can be used for custom attributes.  To see an example of a basic set up for custom attributes, please see below:

Basic Set Up Of Custom Attributes:

SKU Attributes

  • Adding an attribute to a category*: Click Here
  • Name/Display Name/Display Order*: Click Here
  • Field Type Drop Down*: Click Here
  • Name/Display Name/Field Type Color Selector*: Click Here
  • Data Input example of Not required/Desireable/Required
  • Description
  • Select Multiple
  • Characters Maxium/ Field Width

Examples of setting up custom attributes

  • custom attributes using colors and sizes
  • custom attributes that will be used for all products
  • custom attribute desgined for a specific product