Preferred Customer Settings

Preferred Customer Settings allow special discounts to be given to customers.  This is a great way for getting users started in the company.  This discount is set up to be applied to customers who purchase an initial autoship. This can simply be set in the system and a customer who purchases the autoship requirement will soon see all items discounted for him on future orders or it can be part of your enrollment options when users are browsing how they would like to join the company. Learn about these options below and explore other ideas as well!

Learning Objectives

  • Find out how to set up Preferred Customer Discount Settings
  • Examine different qualifying autoship options for the program 
  • Check out different ways that the preferred customer prices have been showcased

The Preferred Customer Settings will automatically be applied to customer orders who qualify.  Please see below for qualifying factors, and for options of advertising this to potential preferred customers.

 Basic Preferred Customer Set Up

  • Preferred Customer Discount Settings: Click Here
    • Good To Know:  A customer who purchases a preferred customer qualifying autoship, will receive the preferred customer discount on all items in the shopping cart on future orders. 
  • Sign Up for Autoship Option: Click Here
  • Update an autoship sku to an associated sku: Click Here

Examples of different ways to set up the preferred customer discounts:

  • Put all qualifying preferred prodcuts in one place for easy enrollment: Click Here
  • Have a single purchase "buy in" to the program: Click Here
    • Good to know:  If you are only going to be using one product for the program, a single purchase page is already set up in your system.  Please see  Single SKU Purchase: Click Here