Payment Gateways

Our credit card transaction system is built to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (“PCI”) which means that your MarketPowerPRO application will be deployed with the most up-to-date secure and compliant credit card processing components available.

MarketPowerPRO comes pre-integrated with 60+ Credit Card Payment Gateways and 10+ ACH Payment gateways and a robust payment management feature that you likely have not seen before - Payment Gateway Rotation, and multiple gateway rotators to ensure you do not exceed your merchant account charge limits per bank.

A single easy-to-use interface for transaction processing with most Major Internet Payment Gateways, MarketPowerPRO supports High Volume Processing by using highly efficient asynchronous socket architecture for blazing performance

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    • ​Good To Know:  A wire transfer can be a good option to use while waiting for a Merchant Provider approval, all is needed is for a bank account that accepts wire transfers.