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Abandoned Cart Report 
Add On Module 
Add Order 
Add Received Inventory 
Add Video in the Back Office
Admin Menu 
Alternate Module Usage Settings 
Announcement Management
Application Roles
Assign Pre-Paid Cards 
Associated Autoship SKU
AutoShips Report
Base Roles 
Bypass Enrollment Option Link
Calculate Commissions 
Calendar / Event Management
Changing Sliding Images on Home Page
Commission Payment Methods
Company Genealogy
Compensation Plan Modeler
Contact MultiSoft
Corporate Profile  
Corporate Subscription Groups
Country Enrollment Tax ID's
Country Permissions
Credit Cards Accepted
Currency Exchange Rates
Currency Management
Custom Attribute Inventory
Customer Deletion History
Customer Registration Settings
Dashboard settings
Deleted Order History
Deletion History 
Discount Coupons
Distributor Cancellation Policy Settings
Distributor Deletion History
Distributor News
Distributor Registration Settings
Distributor Support Page
Email Address as Username
Email MultiSoft
Enrollment Reports
Enrollment Options 
Error Log
Export Custom Attributes
Financial Settings
Funding Process
Gateways Report
Genealogy Data Viewer
Genealogy Downline Viewer Settings
Genealogy Viewer Settings
Genealogy Reports
Gift Certificate Mangement
Gift Certificate Prices
Gift Certificate Template
Hide Short Description in Shopping Cart
Include Quantity for Single SKU Purchase
Inventory / Transfer Inventory 
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MarketPowerPRO Help Desk
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Newsletter Management
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Notification Management
Offline Check
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Party Plan Hostess Payout Grid
Payment Gateways 
Payment Transactions
Prepaid Card Management 
Pre-Paid Cards 
Preferred Customer Settings
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Product News
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Product Tabs Settings 
Publish Content 
Publish Newsletter Template
Publish Notification Events
QR Code Generator
Quick Dashboard Settings
Quick Shop
QuickBooks Export 
Quick Shop SKU Short Order
Real Time Integration
Recent News
Recycle Bin
Renewal Settings
Role Management 
Search Orders
Secret Questions
SEO Settings
Service Provider Registration Settings
Setup DNS
Shipping Configuration
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Shipping By Weight Total
Shipping Labels
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Shipping Providers
Shipping Regions
Shopping Cart and Cart Settings     
Shopping Discount Settings
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Single SKU Purchase Settings
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Site Localization
Site Menus  
Site Pages 
Site Settings
Site Statistics
SMS Newsletter Management
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Tax Management
Testimonial Tree Settings
Types of Reports 
User Management
User Management Settings
User Registration Settings
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