Distributor Registration Settings

The registration process is one of the most important aspects of a multilevel marketing business. Trying to get pertinent information, while keeping everything as user friendly as possible is tricky. It is a good thing that the MarketPowerPRO software has it all figured out. Simply adjust the settings to what is needed for the company, and get ready for the first registration!

Learning Objectives:

  • Examine how to add custom fields to the registration process
  • Learn how to show and hide agreements 
  • Examine Electronic Consent
  • Understand Beneficiary Information

Distributor Registration Settings: Click Here


  • Current Fields
  • Additional Information*: Click Here

Drop down of available custom fields

 CheckBox*: Click Here
 Color Selector*: Click Here
 Date TextBox*: Click Here
 *Datetime Textbox*: Click Here
 Decimal Textbox
 *Drop Down List*: Click Here
 *E-mail Textbox*: Click Here
 File Upload
 HTML Editor
*Image Upload* Click Here
 Money Textbox
 Numeric Textbox
 *Radio Button List*: Click Here
 Text Box*: Click Here
  • Beneficiary Information
  • Editing/show and hide agreements
  • Electronic Consent