Discount Coupons

Who doesn't love a great discount! A great way to generate sales from longtime customers/distributors or brand new ones is with coupons. MarketPowerPRO is fully integrated with these money making tools to fulfill all of your discount dreams.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how to apply coupons
  • Examine Expiration Dates
  • Learn how to design coupons
  • Identify all of the different coupons availalbe

Discount Coupons: Click Here

Coupon Information Tab:

  • Name/Header:
  • Details:
  • Disclaimer:
  • Active and Valid Date:

Condition Tab:

  • Category Level:
  • Product Level:
  • SKU Level:

Select Level:

  • Select a condition:
  • "Buy 'X' quantities, pay for 'Y' quantities" which is same as "Buy 'Y' quantities and get Z = ('X' - 'Y') quantities free".
  • "Buy 'X' quantities of 'Item A', get 'Y' quantities of 'Item B' free"
  • "Buy 'X', get 'Y' for free"

"Volume discount - 'x' to 'y' quantities: 'a%' off;: Click Here

  • '$xx' or 'xx%' off if you buy upto 'X' date".
  • "Buy 'X', get 'xx%' or '$xx' discount on 'Y"*: Click Here"
  • "Buy 'X', get 'xx%' or '$xx' discount on your next purchase".
  • "'$xx' or 'xx%' off if you buy 'X' quantities of 'Y' (Minimum Quantity Requirement)": Click Here
  • "Buy worth '$xx', get 'xx%' or '$xx' discount on your next purchase".
  • "'$xx' or 'xx%' off of total purchase, total purchase should be minimum of '$yy' (Minimum Total Purchase Requirement)".
  • "Free shipping if you buy a product by some date
  • free shipping on total purchase of '$xx'
  • free shipping on buying 'X' quantities
  • $xx or xx% off on First Purchase
  • $xx or xx% off on Second Purchase

Disign Template

  • Use Common code/Visible to Customer
  • Start/End Date
  • Header Background
  • Main ackground
  • Background Color
  • Header Text
  • Main Text
  • Text Color Code
  • Border Color Code 
  • Uploading an Image


Discount Coupons: Click Here