Customer Registration Settings

 The Customer Registration Settings allow the client to inform customers of pertinent policies and procedures. The menus found here include: Terms and Conditions, Refund Policy, Cancellation Policy, Shopping Policy, and Policy and Procedures. These can be edited by the client and linked to the shopping cart to help decrease fraud, refunds, and minimize client risk. These also help the client adhere to major credit card company polices, as well as FGC regulations.

Customer Registration Settings: Click Here

 Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how to manage customer registration fields
  • Learn how to add custom attributes to the customer registration field
  • Examine how to edit agreements
  • Understand how to show/hide agreements

Current Fields 

Additional Information

Agreements Tabs

  • Example of editing terms and conditions* Click Here
  • Example of Show/Hide During Checkout for Shipping Policy*: Click Here
  • Example of show/hide on Single Sku Purchase Cancellation Policy
  • Explain mail merge variables for Policies and Proceures
  • Explain Retail/70% Rule tab and how it can be edited
  • Example of editing the Refund Policy *: Click Here