Commissions 101

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SessionsSession #Video
Adding users into your new system using User Mangement 1 Video: Click Here
 Hover over Distributor  (edit, sign in, delete, notes, communication, trouble, credit, not locked)2 Video: Click Here
Add Order with Commission example3 Video: Click Here
Hover over a name Commision related 4 Video: Click Here
Hover over a Customer or User  (Customers and Users)5 Video: Click Here
Calculating Commissions6 Video: Click Here
Commissions Tools (Genealogy Tree and Data Viewer)7 Video: Click Here
How to verify your commission plan with live/test data8 Video: Click Here
Veryify Rank Rules with the Rank Module9 Video: Click Here

Please see these short video snippet examples and step by step power points of important highlights to be remembered from the First Commission Training received. 

SnippetWatch a snippet of the process power point of the steps
Adding a Free Distributor Video: Click HereSteps : Click Here
Adding a Distributor Video: Click HereSteps : Click Here
Creating Orders Video: Click HereSteps : Click Here
Overriding CV and Pricing for AdminVideo: Click HereSteps:
Editing OrdersVideo: Click HereSteps : Click Here
Changing Placement Video: Click HereSteps : Click Here_
VestingVideo: Click HereSteps : Click Here
Negative Adjustments (Debit)Video: Click HereSteps : Click Here
Positive Adjustment (Credit)Video: Click HereSteps:
Setting CV on SKU'sVideo: Click HereSteps : Click Here
Setting permissions for CV/PointsVideo: Click HereSteps:
Where are Customers in the genealogy tree? Video: Click Here