Commerce 101

The very first step in setting up your new system is to input all your categories, products, skus, and images.  Each company is different where some companies may offer 1,000 products and others offer 1.  We have options to fit your companies needs whatever they may be.  The best place to start is always at the beginning.  Whether you have 1 product or 1,000 products the first step is entering them in to your system.  Everything else in the system builds from the products being entered correctly. 

The First Commerce Training can be viewed in Steps below:

Please see below of Important highlights of the first commerce training. 

TrainingWatch a Vidoe Of the ProcessWatch a Power Point of the Steps
Creating A CategoryVideoSteps : Click Here
Creating A ProductVideoSteps
Adding An ImageVideoSteps
Creating A Single Purchase For Customer EnrollmentVideoSteps
Creating an Autoship Sku option 1VideoSteps
Creating an Autoship Sku Option 2__VideoSteps