Calculate Commissions

Paying commissions on products sold is an important aspect of any network marketing company. MarketPowerPro can calculate your commissions according to your compensation plan whether it is Binary, Matrix, Unilevel, or a Hybrid.

Payment of the commissions calculated is handled by exporting your commission results data to a file format of your choice. The exported data can be imported into your accounting software so that you can pay distributors by check or direct deposit into distributor's bank accounts or funded to debit cards — the choice is yours, MarketPowerPro gives you the flexibility to run your business your way.

Calculating Commissions

Calculate Commissions: Click Here  It is important to Click on the Calculate Commissions before viewing the current open period.  This will allow the most current and updated informatin to be viewed.  If ever the incorrect amount seems to be appearing, be sure to click on the calculate commissions as the first step in trouble shooting what could be wrong. 

    • View information about last time commissions were calculated: Click Here 
    • Opening a closed period: Click Here

Edit a Bonus as Admin!

At this time Multisoft has started to make Bonus options available for Admin to edit.  The menu and the Bonus is hidden until it is configured on the system.  Here is a list of the current Bones's that are set up for Admin to edit and how to use the edit option. 

  • Multi Tier Fast Start Bonus example: Click Here
    • What is a Multi Tier Fast Start Bonus? Power Point: Click Here
    • Steps to editing your Multi Tier Fast Start Bonus: Click Here