Admin Menu

Admin menus are specifically designed for your administration.  These menus are hidden from the public and distributor view.  Admin menus can be enabled for certain distributors at your discretion, and the viewable access can be controlled as well.   While thinking about who you would like to give access to these menus, keep in mind that your company's security should be guarded, and we at MultiSoft take this very seriously.  Distributors will not be able to call in and speak to our team, and any users that you give administrative roles to that will be part of your company that speaks to Multisoft Customer Service Representatives, will be required to go through our training and screening test, before we speak to them regarding your company.  This is for your companies security and protection, and keeps random distributors or users from calling MultiSoft requesting secure information.

Training Objectives

  • Understand why Mpptraining.us is the starting point for admnistration
  • Examine information that can be accessed with Admin Menus
  • Examine how roles can be assigned to give limited access to admin menus



General Admin Menu Layout and popular admin menus

Assigning Roles to your Administration