Add Order

Orders can be created in the system from a variety of methods: Enrollment Form, Shopping Cart, Administratively or by AutoShip. Each of these areas will require successful collection of payment for an order to be saved with the exception of the Administrative area.

Administrators have the option to either collect money for a transaction or bypass the collection of payment altogether. Regardless of an order's origin or whether or not payment was collected, it can be viewed via the Orders Management area by administrators.

 Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to add an order to another users account
  • Examine the add order process of Category, Products, and Searching by SKU
  • How Orders are calculated with coupon codes
  • Editing Process for Billing and Shipping Addresss
  • Payment Information and admin options

Step 1 Select Customer:

  • Options for finding the correct user*: Click Here

Step 2 Order Information:

  • Order Notes*: Click Here
  • Order Notes when adding an order as an Admin*: Click Here
  • Search Criteria*: Click Here
    • Adding products changing prices/quantities*: Click Here
    • Adding an order in to a period that has ended/ and editing CV: Click Here
  • Applying Coupons*: Click Here
  • Payment Information* Click Here
    • Bypass Payment/ Pay now
    • payment Account Type 
    • Payment Account
    • Credit/Debit Card Information

Step 3 Summary: